Havens of unparalleled design, timeless grandeur and rich lushness, The Scarlet Singapore and The Scarlet Huntington in San Francisco are designed to spark the imagination and provide an adventure for the senses. These two singular hotels form one seamless vision, a celebration of modern sensibilities both vivacious and wholly original. Reflect on the vibrant heritage and international couture of two of the world’s most iconic settings and indulge in the charismatic aura that awaits within the walls of The Scarlet.

The Scarlet Singapore

The Scarlet Singapore made her debut in December 2004 as Singapore’s first luxury boutique hotel, making a bold statement, both locally and internationally, by preserving and combining the architectural styles of Singapore heritage buildings with a striking, audacious concept.

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The Scarlet Huntington

The Scarlet Huntington, San Francisco, launched in May 2014, pays homage to the former Huntington Hotel’s illustrious legacy and timeless elegance.

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Located along Erskine Road in Singapore, a row of 13 Early Shophouses built in 1868 houses an interesting variety of unique independent boutiques and restaurants.

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